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An economic appraisal of manufacturing and marketing of jaggery in Andhra Pradesh state, India

The present study was conducted during 2008–2009 in Andhra Pradesh state of India, is an attempt to work-out various facets of economics involved in Jaggery manufacturing and marketing, constraints faced by jaggery manufacturers. Multistage sampling technique was adopted in selecting the sampling units. Averages, benefit–cost ratio (BCR), net present worth (NPW), internal rate of return (IRR), break even output (BEO), pay back period (PBP), Garrets ranking technique and Kendall’s coefficient of concordance (W) test were employed as analytical tools. Cost of cultivation of sugarcane (68.22%) is the prime factor in jaggery manufacturing. Lack of infrastructural facilities in jaggery production and insufficient price dissemination in jaggery marketing were major constraints. Market concentration in whole sellers was moderately high (Gini coefficient = 0.59) and in commission agents was medium (Gini coefficient = 0.45). For profitable and sustained way of jaggery manufacturing and marketing these constraints should be addressed at war foot basis

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