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Mucílago pulverizado obtenido a partir de de la cáscara de cacao, una alternativa en la clarificación de jugos en la industria panelera

The environmental impact that generates panelera activity in the country obliges to seek viable alternatives that mitigates the damages already caused and permit the exploration of options as cocoa shell considered a waste, in a land-industry process as important as the panela in the national economy. The possibilities of investigation and intervention are opened in one of the critical phases of the elaboration of this product such as the clarification of the juices, process that generates environmental conflicts, due to the indiscriminate use of mucilage extracted from wild plants. Related to this, the possibilities of diversification for the cane producer with the cultivation of cocoa and the possibility of generating additional income for the producer by giving use to the cocoa shell which is now considered a waste are contemplated

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