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Métodos y estrategias para el perfeccionamiento de la agroindustria panelera

During the last decades, the sugar industry has flooded the market with refined white sugar, causing a world wide cutback in brown sugar consumption and severely affecting the brown sugar industry. Nevertheless, brown sugar has a higher nutritional value than refined sugar, and often comes from artesian production, giving it certain advantages over refined sugar. Currently brown sugar production is not only inefficient at the factory level, but at the field level as well. The main problems are deficient sugarcane management and bad marketing strategies. Nevertheless, the first world countries are showing an increasing tendency towards the consumption of natural or sustainable products, opening an interesting niche for the brown sugar industry. In response to the bad management practices, both at the field and production levels, the study presents alternative methods and strategies to improve the overall efficiency of the brown sugar industry, introducing the concepts of sustainability and permitting access to the emerging niches. The study also researches the possibility of making alternative products, such as animal feeds and organic fertilizers, among others, using the raw material (sugarcane) and the waste products (ashes). The research presents satisfactory results

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