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Mutagenic activity in regional foods and beverages from the Venezuelan Andean region

Mutagenicity of 12 food and beverage extracts from the Andean regions of Venezuela was studied using 5 strains of Salmonella typhimurium and compared with results from similar extracts from Caracas. From the Andean region a spice compound and "agua panela" (sweetwater containing invert sugar, from local manufacture of non-centrifugal sugar) were mutagenic and water (used to make "agua panela"), "arepa de maíz pelado" (a tortilla-type product of maize soaked with water, ashes and lime) and "chorizo" (a dried pork and beef sausage) were mildly mutagenic whereas similar products from Caracas were not. Reasons for differences in mutagenicity are discussed

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