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Implementación de mejoras tecnológicas para el módulo de producción de panela granulada de Santa Rosa de Chonta, Montero, Ayabava, Perú

Panela agro-industry in Perú is developing important steps, mainly in the area of the "Sierra de Piura". In this sense it is important to fully understand the production process of organic sugar also call "panela", develop local technology that can cope with the challenges that involve the agricultural industry, as well as the training of technicians and also professionals and scientifics. Taking as a framework the call for FINCYT projects, the University of Piura (UDEP) demonstrated the need for major improvements to the production process of "panela" and developed a project that aimed to build an advanced prototype production of organic sugar, which included a deep and rigorous study of the production process of organic sugar, identifying major problems, prototype design, construction and operation testing

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