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Rediseño desde el factor humano del prototipo desmuciligador GIPUN

The sugarcane agro-industrial sector has great market share and demands developments and improvements in its processes, seeking to obtain the best quality products, to make better processes through a good design. The Desmuciligador is a machine that has been designed by GIPUN from Medellín; this project seeks to improve it in different areas to become the machine with a good design through improving the transportation, the way to use, the industrial security, the mechanism, the protection, the communication and the formal-estetic. We made the Desmuciligador to be a machine that answers all these requirements. With the implementation of DEGQ (Desmuciligador Global Quality) a great impact on the human, environmental, economic and legal aspects of panela production is obtained. The work need for the manufacture of mucilage or flocculating agents is reduced by approximately 66%, the product becomes more effective and efficient, without removing the concept of the natural production of jaggery

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