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Descripción del proceso de comercialización de la panela, estado Trujillo, Venezuela

With the aim of describing the commercialization process of sugar cane, Trujillo state, was made the study on a selected sample at random with proportional affix of the sugarcane producers that conform 65 production units, located on 10 sugarcane parishes on the entity, which were grouped in 3 zones geographically differentiated as high, center and low. The obtained information in surveys and workshops with the enterprises were analyzed with non parametric descriptive statistical methods. Results show that 65% of sugar cane producers do not buy fix suppliers, without established official agreements, scarce direct relation between sugar cane producer final consumer, only 38% commercialize directly the product, the intermediary imposes the conditions and fixes price (62%), deficient physical functions and support services of the commercialization, with intermediation margin of 57%; production is mainly destines to foreign market. Which defines the commercialization process as traditional, centered and with low participation of producer-businessman in the process

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