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Reducing sugar, organic acid and amino acid compositions in palm and cane sugars from Indonesia

Non-centrifugal sugars were produced from two types of plant sources namely palms and sugar cane in Java Islands of Indonesia. Reducing sugar, organic acid and amino acid composition of five kinds of palm sugar and two kinds of cane sugar were analysed using HPLC. These composition were compared with Kokuto, a non-centrifugal cane sugar produced in Okinawa, Japan. Cane sugars had a high content of aconitic acid, which was not almost detected in palm sugars. On the other hand, palm sugars showed high content of lactic acid and acetic acid. The main and common amino acids in samples were acidic amino acids; Glu in palm sugar and Asp and Asn in cane sugar. Amino acid and organic acid composition of cane sugars were similar to that of Kokuto. Moisture and reducing sugar contents of palm and cane sugars were higher than those of Kokuto, while the sucrose content and the pH value showed a opposite trend. Therefore, it can be suggested that the reducing sugar, sucrose, organic acid and specially, amino acid (high in glutamic acid content) composition is exploited in production of good quality traditional seasonings in Indonesia. (author abst.)

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