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Physicochemical properties of the syrup from kokuto processed by non-centrifugal cane sugar factories in Okinawa

A process of extracting the harshness from kokuto syrup by using a 2% concentrate of egg white was conducted to produce an improved quality syrup. A comparison was made between the physicochemical properties of samples of unprocessed kokuto syrup and those that had been subjected to the harshness extraction process. The harshness extraction process increased the Lab values of the kokuto sugar solution, resulting in syrup with good quality that was light in color. The processed syrup samples also retained minor mineral components such as Fe and Zn. In a related test, the mineral composition of the processed syrup samples was found to be similar to that of the original kokuto. The results of a taste test showed that the processed syrup samples, with one exception, were smooth and without any bitterness. The processed syrup samples also performed well in an overall preference test. These results indicate that the harshness extraction process using egg white was an effective method for producing good quality kokuto syrup. (author abst.)

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