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Análisis del papel de la disposición a pagar (DAP) de los consumidores, por panela ecológica y pulverizada convencional, en la internalización de las externalidades derivadas del uso y apropiación de los recursos naturales y el territorio

The production of goods and services generates a series of positive and negative externalities for society, that is, additional or external benefits and or costs. Similarly, food production presents this condition of generating externalities. Valuing them and incorporating them is a central element to determine the multi-functionality of the Local Food and Agricultural Systems (LFAS) as well as thinking of the territory as an important factor for rural and environmental policy. Taking off from this consideration, this work attempts to be a first effort towards valuing these external benefits derived from the use and appropriation of the localized natural resources in a specific territory. For this, research carried out in the year 2001, were used as a reference in which the ATP of Bogotá, Colombia, for ecological and conventional pulverized brown sugar

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