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Evaluación teórica del impacto ambiental de una hornilla tradicional para producción de panela

Unrefined brown sugar (panela) production is an activity of great importance in Colombia. This process generates environmental degradation, mainly caused by waste disposal and combustion operations. The objective of this work was to evaluate the Environmental Impact Potential (PEI) of a traditional burner, used for panela manufacturing. To do so, the methodology of the Waste Reduction Algorithm (WARGUI) was applied to five independent experimental batches; additionally, air resource, as well as aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems were considered. The main sources of contamination were cachazas, particulate matter and ashes; although there was also a contribution to the formation of smog in the presence of CO, NOx and SO2. Finally, it was recommended maintaining comprehensive control over the flow of air as a combustion agent.

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