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Performance study of indigenously made sugarcane crushers

In the present study, four types of sugarcane crushers commonly used in Karnataka in jaggery making industries were evaluated. They were Power driven 3-Roller traditional type, heavy duty type and gear box type crushers used in jaggery industries for crushing sugarcane and 2-Roller power driven sugarcane crusher used by venders for extraction of juice for local consumption. Six varieties of high yielding sugarcane cultivars namely viz., CO419, CO62175, CO7804, B37172, CO8371 and CO86032 which are commonly grown in Karnataka, were selected for crushing operation. The parameters studied include quantity of juice extracted and weight of bagasse obtained in each system of crushing and the varieties of cane crushed. It was observed that as the number of crushing cylinders increased, crushing of cane would be more effective leading to increase in per cent age of juice extraction with reduction in bagasse weight.

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