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Secado por aspersión de mieles de caña (Saccharum officinarum L.) sin aditivos

This study was focused on the determination of the operating conditions of a spray drying system for obtaining an instant product from sugar cane honeys, without the use of additives. The physicochemical properties of Sugarcane honey and product (humidity, water activity, pH, acidity, density and sugar content) as well as recovered solids were evaluated. Further, the effect of drying temperature on the contributors to aroma was assessed too. Under the best conditions (50°Brix sugarcane honey at 140°C), a stable product was obtained (constant weight and free-flowing) during 50 days, when stored at 15-24°C and at a relative humidity below 50%. A yield of the solid powder of 42±0,05% was obtained, preserving contributors to aroma (methyl pyrazine, furfural and propionic acid)

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