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Constraints and suggestion in jaggery production technology

Sugarcane is cash crop and main source of income for millions of people in the Maharashtra, India as well as in world. The study was conducted in Karveer, Panhala and Shahuwadi tahsilsof Kolhapur district. Expost-facto design of social research was made in the present investigation. The data were collected from 45 sugarcane growers and jaggery processor for the study. Findings of the study revealed major constraints perceived by farmers in jaggery production were irregularity of electricity supply, malpractices in market about substitute block system (Badali Rawa paddhat), unavailability of credit at low interest rate, fluctuating market price for the produce, unavailability of technical labour and unavailability of chemical fertilizer in time and proper rate and lack of knowledge about export and lack of training in jaggery processing. Suggestion made to overcome the constraints were jaggery industries should be exempted from load shading, minimum support price to the produce, Government should be purchased the jaggery on the spot of farmers field, credit should be made available at low interest rate before start the season and implanted cluster scheme were suggested. The remaining suggestions were Government should be made available cold storage facility, demonstration on jaggery preparation to overcome the constraints

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