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Cultura organizacional en las unidades de producción rural de piloncillo en la región de Huatusco

Introduction. At the international level, the main producers of panela are located in rural areas, representing a source of temporary and stable employment for the inhabitants. Mexico holds the seventh position in the world with a production of 5.5 million tons (Secretary of Economy, 2012, p.13) In recent years the region has experienced a decrease of its productivity and competitiveness levels, due to factors such as cyclical variations and a tendency to lower piloncillo´s prices. Objective. This research work aims to analyze the influence of the organizational culture in the brown sugar rural production units in the Huatusco region, Veracruz. Materials and methods. The first part of the paper introduces the theoretical elements of organizational culture, types of cultures and profiles, levels, dimensions and valuation methods. In the second part the methodological aspects of the research were defined as qualitative, descriptive and non-experimental, plus the design of the questionnaire. Finally, in the last part of the study, the data analysis was carried out, thus determining the type of culture and organizational profile prevailing in the sample. Results. The results points at a benevolent culture and a coercive authoritarian system.

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