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Selection and characterization of sugar syrups for preparation of nut brittle (Chikki)

The effect of incorporating different sugar syrups formulation by varying amount of jaggery (80–120 g) with other ingredients (30 g corn syrup, 100 g sugar, 2.5 g butter and 0.2 g NaHCO3) was studied. The syrup prepared in the ratio of 1:1:0.3 for sugar, jaggery syrup (jaggery + water) and corn syrup along with 2.5 g of butter and 0.2 g of sodium bicarbonate per 100 g of syrup achieved highest sensory score, when incorporated in nut brittle. Syrup was evaluated for total phenol content, antioxidant activity and hydroxyl methyl furfural at different interval of times (0–12 min) at 140 °C temperature. Hydroxyl methyl furfural was increased with the increase in time. All the syrups showed a decrease in apparent viscosity with respect to shearing time at a fix rpm with constant temperature. The colour parameters, L, a, b and 8E, were adjusted to zero- and first-order models at different temperatures. The results revealed that first-order model was better as compared to the zero-order model in predicting colour a, b* and 8E values.

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