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Food adulteration in commonly consumed food

Adulteration in food is done either for financial gain or due to carelessness and lack in proper hygienic condition during processing, storing, transportation and marketing. Ignorance and unfair market behavior may endanger consumer health and can lead to poisoning. Present study was conducted to assess the adulterants present in raw food ingredients which were sold in small retail shops. About 902 food samples of different food groups were collected from different localities of Bangalore city. The analysis of the food ingredients for the presence of adulterants was done in the laboratory by using standard procedures. The study revealed that most of the cereal samples were adulterated with sand/ stones or grit. All the bajra samples were ergot infested. Majority of red gram dhal and 11 percent of bengal gram dhal samples were adulterated with kesari dhal. About 82 percent of green gram samples were contaminated with malachite green and 21 percent of Bengal gram dhal, 19 percent of bengal gram dhal flour and 29 percent of masoor dhal samples contained metanil yellow dye. Mustard seeds were contaminated with argemone seeds. Ninety three percent of fenugreek seeds and 73 percent of samples of turmeric powder were contaminated with metanil yellow dye. Rodamin B is the colour which was used in 17 percent of whole dry chilies and 75 percent of the samples of red chili powder. Seventy six percent of edible fat collected were rancid and 16 percent of them contained cyanide. All the samples of mustard oil collected for the study contained the toxic argemone oil and 28 percent of them were also adulterated with cotton seed oil. Contamination of argemone oil was found in sunflower and groundnut oils also. Majority of collected jaggery samples (92%) were found to be contaminated with a harmful dye metanil yellow. About 13 percent of loose tea samples collected contained iron fillings and 80 percent of them were contaminated with added dye

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