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Jaggery - A revolution in the field of natural sweeteners

Jaggery is the natural sweetener which is prepared by sugarcane juice. It is available in solid, liquid & powder form. It is also called as Non centrifugal sugar (NCS) and is known by many different names in the world like Panela, Kokuto, Muscovado. The sap collected from some palm trees such as palmyra-palm (Borassus flabellifer L.), coconut-palm (Cocos nucifera L.), wild date-palm (Phoenix sylvestris Roxb.) .The methods of converting sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, gur and khandsari are different but a great value is added in the manufacturing of these consumable final products. The micronutrients which are present in Jaggery has many nutritional & medicinal aspects like its anti carcinogenic & antitoxic activity. Jaggery has proved itself better as compared to white sugar. Jaggery is known to produce heat and give instant energy to a human body. More than 70% of Jaggery is produced in India and that day is not so far when it creates a huge revolution better than sugar

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