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Study on gur (Jaggery) industry in Kolhapur

Gur (Jaggery) is a traditional unrefined sugar, which is consumed in Asia, Africa, Latin American and also the Caribbean. The Gur industry has been considered as one of the small scale and cottage industry in India. The production of Gur ranges between five million tons to seven million tons. Maharashtra is one of the leading producers of Gur apart from sugar. Large numbers of Gur production units are located in state. Kolhapur is the main market for Gur in the country as it ranks first in qualitative terms and second in terms of quantity. Sugarcane seeds preserved by the Farmers’ community by age old practice form the prime factors for good quality of Gur. Kolhapur Gur contains no chemicals, it tastes sweet and has longer shelf life as compared to the Gur produced in other areas of the country. Gur making plants are generally small units fabricated by local artisans and run by villagers in different parts of India. These plants are designed and fabricated on the basis of age old expertise without any technical support further it offers employment opportunity to millions of people of the total world production. More than 70% of the Gur is produced in India but most of the Gur business suffers from losses. The development of different value added products from Gur and their commercial availability becomes needs of the hour to sustain future profitability in the Gur trade

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