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Tecnificación de la agroindustria panelera - Alternativa de empleabilidad de ingresos en Convención, N. de S.

Ask the modernization of panela agro-industry as the most viable and effective in generating employment and income for the population of the municipality of alternative Convention, thereby contributing to economic development, social reconstruction and the achievement of peaceful coexistence. The methodology was framed under the Methodology Manual for Municipal Rising production profile established by the United Nations Program for Development, based on descriptive research with a documentary design, identifying the difficulties in the agricultural sector as a result of the constant abandonment State and culture of easy money derived from illicit cultivation business. The determination of the sample through the sampling was stratified by Neyman allocation. Results in the need to introduce technology 10 mills to increase production and product quality, along with the suitability of 200 hectares of Cane Panela, for the processing and marketing of panela diversifying its presentation showed. Concluding that the automation of the production process of cane panela is the choice for employability and income generation.

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