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Plantas mucilaginosas en la clarificación del jugo de la caña de azúcar

The aim is to incorporate mucilaginous solutions in the juice clarification process as an alternative for improving the final products that are produced in the agribusiness panela in Ecuador. The study was conducted with 14 mucilaginous plants properties, five plant species: Mallow wild (Malva peruviana L.), Yausabara (Pavonia sepium A. St-Hil) Yausa (Abutilon famous Planch), black Cadillo (Triumfetta Lappula L) and False Joaquín (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), it was obtained excellent results as clarifying agents. Three factors were assayed experimentally such as solution concentration, amount of solution added to the juice and incorporation temperature on two levels, judged by turbidity variable as a response. The results indicated that the factors tested affect significantly the juice clarification (clear and bright) and the best results were achieved with turbidity (Yausabara and Yausa Malva silvestre, Falso Joaquín y Cadillo negro) and with the combinations obtaining juices

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