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Clarificación del jugo de caña de azúcar (Saccharum officinarum L.) mediante el empleo de mucílagos naturales

The objective of this research was to assess the use of natural mucilages such as mucilage of cocoa and muyuyo (Cordia Lutea) during the process of clarification of the grape juice of sugar cane. It was used a completely random design in bivariate AxB arrangement with three replicates for each treatment, taking as experimental unit 10L of grape juice from sugar cane. For this purpose, the following factors are manipulated. A: types of natural mucilages (mucilage of cocoa and muyuyo mucilage) and B: natural mucilages concentration expressed in mg/L (10000, 11000, 12000 and 13000). The following variables were evaluated: residue of filter cake generated (during the clarification process), suspended solids and Colorimetry (brightness, tone, chroma, coordinate axis a and b) to the clarified sugar cane juice. The ANOVA detected high significance for treatments and using the test of Tukey (HSD) with a P < 0,05 showed statistically that treatment 4 (mucilage of rind cocoa to a number of 13000 mg/L) removed many solids in suspension with a value of 0, 019 kg/L, while for the variable residue of cachaça and Colorimetry demonstrated that factors in study had no influence on them. Thus, it is concluded that the variable that showed significant changes was that of suspended solids resulting in better treatment to the T4 (mucilage of rind cocoa to a number of 13000 mg/L)

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