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Prototipo de un sistema de telemetría basado en TIC para el monitoreo de variables relacionadas con la producción de panela

This article presents part of a project called Prototype of a telemetry system, as an alternative solution based on ICT for remote monitoring variables related with the raw cane sugar “panela” production process, which is run in partnership with the International physics Center, which highlights four key phases for compliance, in the first phase the data collection is carried out, and likewise the inputs for the design are established. In the second phase the design of the prototype is done; the third phase focuses on the generation of the results of design and development, and in the final phase a review of the results is carried out, the verification and testing system validation for the development of this a preliminary study was done of the land on which each sugar mill “trapiche” of the raw cane sugar “panela”, and an analysis of radio coverage, also an investigation was carried out to identify the variables that are more important in the production process of raw cane sugar “panela” as a result we have the prototype of wireless data transmission and a supply system of renewable energy (Solar PV)

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