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Nutritional evaluation and utilization of pea pod powder for preparation of jaggery biscuits

Food industry generates massive waste, which is a concern not only to environment but also loss of valuable biomass. The foremost benefit of industrial waste is that it is available at zero cost and in immense quantities. Pea pods which otherwise are discarded in bins or at finest used for animal feed is exploited for its nutritional benefits in present study. Pea powder formulated was found rich in crude protein, fibre and ash with exceptional good amounts of iron. Composition of powder was 5% ash, 0.43% fat, 14.88% protein, 77.86% crude fibre, 61.43% total carbohydrates and 309.11Kcal energy content The concept of healthy eating is addressed in current analysis whereby, value added biscuits are devised by substituting pea pod powder in place of refined wheat flour at 10%, 20% and 30% level. Sensory evaluation conducted using a 9-point hedonic scale revealed 20% level as optimum level of incorporation. Water activity decreased slightly on storage. The biscuits are advantageous for people suffering from lifestyle diseases as these contain high amount of fibre and minerals. In this way peels can also be utilized for human consumption otherwise this important source of nutrients goes wasted

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