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Effect of sugar, jaggery & sugar cane ash on properties of concrete

Concrete is a most necessary material in human life because almost all civil engineering structures are constructed with concrete. In transportation generally rigid pavements are laid by concrete. Because of its rapid usage many number of researches are taking place to improve the properties of concrete & to suggest replaceable materials for concrete. This report emphasis that by using locally available materials like sugar & jaggery can improve the properties of concrete. The admixtures (sugar & jaggery) are added into concrete at the dosage levels of 0,0.025,0.05,0.1% and check the properties improvements in concrete. And also sugar cane ash which is the waste released from sugar industries during preparation of sugar can be used as replaceable material for cement. At different proportions like 5.10,15, 20, 25% Ash is replaced with cement and suggested that it is replaceable up to 15% to improve the various properties of concrete. Purpose: The main purpose of this report is to suggest the locally available materials (Which are well known to people like sugar, jaggery & sugar cane ash ) to improve the properties of concrete & to reduce the cost of construction. Properties improved during the tests are Setting time of concrete Workability of concrete Compressive strength of concrete

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