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Efectos de la presión de evaporación y la variedad de caña en la calidad de la miel y la panela

When multi-effect evaporators (EME) are implemented at the process of panela —besides of technological adjustment— to maintain the quality of the product is also required. This state unveiled a technology gap, and issues such as the contribution of compositional differences in the varieties of cane on panela. To fill part of this technological gap, the objective of this work is to determine the effect of pressure evaporation and the varieties of cane on quality of honey and panela. To achieve this, the evaporation pressure and sugarcane varieties in one experimental design completely randomized with 4x3 factorial arrangement and four replications was implemented: varieties CC 85-46, RD 75-11 and PR 61-632, without flocculant, without coadjuvant and was evaporated with a heat flux of 27,778 kW/m2 and without antifoam. The results showed a similar behaviour for the studied sugarcane varieties. So honeys and panelas in the pressurized system presented dark coloration, reddish tone, high turbidity, a glycoside coefficient between 60 % and 70 % and they did not solidified. Honeys and panelas in vacuum systems presented a greater turbidity, clear colorations, yellowish tones, and good solidification and coefficients glycosides under 12 %.

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