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El color en la calidad de los edulcorantes de la agroindustria panelera

The paper has as objective the identifying and evaluating color derivatives panela agroindustry as a measure of quality control and acceptance or rejection on the market. For hidrolized honey, brown sugar and natural sugar, the color depends on the use or not of natural fining or incorporated into cane juice during the manufacturing process chemicals. Determining an experimental analysis of sulphur and color samples of three different sweetening products is performed by using spectrophotometer and color capture equipment Capsure Palette X -rite, respectively. The results obtained allow the authenticity of color of hidrolized honey, brown sugar and natural sugar and set the base color of product quality. Intense colors yellow to pale yellow, are those containing sulfur in the composition. Finally, a color range for the sugarcane agribusiness sweeteners as an alternative quality control based on color; to establish the presence or absence of banned chemicals especially sodium hydrosulfite is made.

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