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Comparación de la hidratación con agua de panela y una bebida hidratante comercial con relación a parametros cardio-respiratorios de jóvenes que hacen ejercicio respiratorios submaximal a 2600 msnma

The aim of this investigation was to determine de behavior of the oxygen uptake (VO2), respiratory quotient (RQ), energy expenditure, heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) during a submaximal exercise while the volunteers were drinking two beverages of different composition, one of them a commercial sport drink and the other a homemade drink derivate of the non-centrifugal cane sugar called “agua de panela”. Methodology: 15 healthy men who lived in Bogotá and made exercise in a regular basis were evaluated. Each volunteer assisted in three different days to participate in the exercise protocol. The first day the volunteer made an incremental maximal test in a cycle-ergometer to determine de peak VO2 and the maximal aerobic mechanical power, this protocol was called maximal, in the next two sessions the experimental protocol was implemented, this protocol consisted of 1 hour of submaximal exercise at 60% of the maximal aerobic mechanical power, on one session of this protocol the volunteer was hydrated with the sport drink and in the other with the homemade beverage “agua de panela”, there was a random order of administration of this beverages. The volunteers drank two hours before the exercise a volume of 5 mL/kg and every 20 minutes during the exercise they receive 3 mL/Kg; this volume was the same for the two beverages. The exercise protocols were made in the calorimetry room of the Facultad de Medicina of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. The VO2 and RQ were measured in an open circuit calorimeter. The project funding was made by the Master in Physiology of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Results: There were differences in the behavior of the VO2, RQ, energy expenditure, HR and BP during the submaximal exercise with the hydration of the two beverages already mentioned. Conclusion: The conclusion is that during a submaximal exercise lasting for 60 minutes carry out in Bogotá, the individuals could hydrate with a sport drink or with “agua de panela” without finding a different behavior of the VO2, RQ, energy expenditure, HR or BP.

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