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Proyecto de factibilidad para la implementación de una planta productora de panela granulada en el sector de Chinguilamaca Parroquia Purunuma Cantón Gonzanamá

This research work, Feasibility Project for the Implementation of a plant producing granulated panela neighborhood Chinguilamaca Parish Purunuma Gonzanamá States, aims to determine the use of sugar cane itself and grown by small farmers, for use in the production of granulated panela brand "San Rafael", which will be a product having excellent organoleptic characteristics to be 100% lifelike and is produced under the technical standard INEN 2332: 2002, ensuring product quality and enhance marketing and the incomes of cane growers in the industry, giving sustainability to the primary business sector. For the implementation of this research work, a market research was conducted to know the preferences regarding the supply, demand, using methodological techniques like interviewing farmers producing sugar cane for Chinguilamaca neighborhood, which interviewed a total of 24 farmers; and for determining demand 383 surveys was applied in the city of Loja, by random sampling, determining supply and demand. The technical study, study and organizational profitability and financial feasibility study of the project to be implemented was conducted to determine the then installed capacity. The project for sustainability has a supply of raw material a year of 2605.75 MT of sugarcane crop product of about 74.45 Ha, with a yield of 35 metric tons per hectare of sugarcane, gives us 260.58 TM brand granulated panela San Rafael a year, with an investment of $ 92,060.25 USD, financed by 40%, by the owner of the company and 60%, with a business credit modality Banco del Pacifico, with an interest rate of 9.76% and an effective rate of 10.21%, within five years (sixty months). With regard to demand, we have 2015 in the city of Loja demand of 10,250.74 MT of granulated sugar, which the company will cover a market segment with a range of 260.58 TM will , there is an unmet demand for remedy of 9990.16 MT. In addition the results we determine that this project is profitable, obtaining a value of 28.60%, so the project is feasible to do it, because their financial indicators such as VAN is $71,569.44 USD, value that is greater than zero, the benefit / cost is $ 1.30 USD, which means that for every dollar invested, will receive $ 0.30 USD extra, this percentage on existing financial costs in the middle, we have a value TIR of 29.92% well above the 10.21% interest bank loan, plus the capital recovery period of 3 years, 1 month and 25 days. In order using each method and technique, we were able to make the above studies, obtaining prosperous in each results, so we can conclude that the project is feasible and beneficial to the development of primary company in Chimguilamaca industry and it must be applied and it will have a promising future.

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