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Plan estratégico para la producción de panela, estudio de caso, Finca La Marina – Municipio Nimaima; Cundinamarca, Colombia

For this work a case study in which first one bibliography review on business skills such as organizational diagnosis and toured the Colombian panela sector and its legal framework was done was done. After the review of art history and made the diagnostic of the organization proceeds has realized the proposed strategic plan adapted to microorganization so that was clear and easy to comply, as is in the diagnostic that the company He had no records of any kind, and their planning was short term. When performing analysis processes the given according to strategic paln raised and low market assumptions are that rates of net present value and rate of return are not the most appropriate to determine the viability of the business, this is given by land values which significantly increase the initial investment activity, but considering the business net profit cultural, social contexts and if feasibility is determined.

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