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Estudio de factibilidad para la producción y comercialización de panela granulada y la mejora en la demanda del producto en la ciudad de Tulcán

The present work of investigation does the study of feasibility to the production and commercialization of granulated panela and improved the demand of the product in Tulcán City. To identify the need to produce granulated panela of good quality was held an analysis of the topic based on five chapters: the first one, details the problem statement that exposes the state of craft production that has deficiencies in hygiene and over-human effort that do to prepare granulated brown sugar, it is a condition that can be replaced by a granulating machine, the delimitation of the problem, justification, general and specific objective is also mentioned. The chapter two contains investigative background of studies about granulated panela in the country and in the origin of the product, following with the legal foundation of the requirements, permissions and support to form this micro-company, and the scientific foundation that explains what is the treatment and administrative tools to get the project and the success. The chapter three points mode, type of research and techniques that are surveys and interviews which allow to get information to be analyzed and to have the best idea of the market situation. The next chapter covers the results obtained; which are the conclusions and the recommendations to get the proposal. In chapter five the proposal is developed with a clear idea of evaluating the formation of the company, the place, activities to do assessment, marketing strategies that allow the maximum development of the organization idea. Every aspect developed looking to have a clear view of the creation of the company to satisfy the needs of the population Tulcaneña like a natural, healthy and accessible product.

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