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Plan de exportación para la comercialización de panela orgánica pulverizada de la central de productores ecológicos solidarios por el agro al mercado de Italia,

The research "Exportation Plan for commencing Organic Powdered Panela from the Central Ecological Producers of the Agro Market in Italy, for the period 2015 - 2017"; It is based on Strategic Planning of the theories of Henry Mintzberg and the Theory of International Economics of Paul Krugman, including the New International Trade Theory based on the classical theory of Adam Smith. The formulation of the problem is indicated, how an export plan for the commercialization of organic powdered panela allows the Central Ecological Producers of the Agro, approach the opportunities of the Italian market in the period 2015 – 2017. The principal objective, design an exportation plan for international commerce of the product, allows us to fragment phased in the exportation plan such as: Diagnosis, Design, Implementation and Monitoring (Control and execution). The research was based on a quantitative approach with type of transverse or no experimental investigation; with design of investigation causal correlational and a kind of sample probabilistic; therefore a sample population were obtained (05 experts in foreign trade), using the chi-square statistical tool, indicating have Xc2 (5.00) > Xt2 (3.84), so the null hypothesis is rejected and the investigation hypothesis is accepted, affirming the validation of investigation hypothesis with a trend of 71% in contingency degree is accepted as a high correlation; so, the export plan for international marketing of organic powdered panela allows CEPRESA approach positively the opportunities of the Italian market in the period 2015-20

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