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Procesos de fabricación de panela y su aplicación a proyectos de automatización para el caso colombiano

Panela’s production is an activity that has been present in homes and in the diet of Colombian people for many years as much so as in times of conquest, began to produce brown sugar in small artisanal trapiches with which marked the first approach to production systems designed for product marketing than for own consumption. Thus, panela’s production has become one of the generators of employment in areas where the Colombian geography permits the cultivation of sugarcane, this area can be estimated at approximately 260,000 hectares with an estimated production of 3.8 ton / ha. This makes the panela is located in an important gross domestic product of agribusiness production in the country instead. Nevertheless, we must be recognized that in general, processes and production systems have not been updated according to the behavior of the market and the needs of industry in the current industry environment in other countries of the same latitudes of Colombia

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