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Determinación de acrilamida en el procesamiento de la panela por cromatografía líquida

A new method for the detection and quantification of acrylamide formation in the production stages of sugar cane was evaluated. This research provides data to help the food industry, particularly in quality control of sugar cane, for chemical risk evaluation associated with this popular product and often used for primary benefit of the quality and food industry. The technique employed was high efficiency liquid chromatography in reverse phase, the quantification method employed was the external standard, for which a calibration curve was constructed. Getting in cane juice, acrylamide formation does not occur, but with increasing time and temperature (Maillard reaction) its presence is evident; found in the final product 2.0 mg/kg, so it can establish the effectiveness of quantification for this analytical method, for verification and confirmation of acrylamide, also contribute useful for evaluation of the authenticity of the final product information.

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