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Modelling of waste heat recovery device for jaggery units

Production of Jaggery from sugarcane juice is done by evaporating water using large vessels kept over pit furnaces. Bagasse is used as fuel for the process which is obtained by crushing sugarcane. Bagasse has a ready market as biomass fuel that’s why improving the efficiency of bagasse utilization to save the bagasse is of interest. Typical values of flue gas temperature in the chimney of commercially operated jaggery units is in the range of 1000-1250K which indicates significant energy losses and hence presents a case for Waste Heat Recovery. Work presented here reports conceptualization, prototype building. Based on modelling results, Waste Heat Recovery device using marble pebble-beds was built at lab-scale. The heat recovered in the beds is used for combustion air-preheating. While packed bed waste heat recovery devices are commercially used in other industries i.e. glass industries, the work presented here proposes the development of concept for the first time for Jaggery units

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