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Experimental analysis of the pool boiling phenomenon

In Peru, jaggery making process has low energy efficiency and it is due to low heat transfer coefficients for natural convection linked to the sugar cane movement generated by the heat exchange between the sugarcane juice and the combustion gases. This low heat transfer coefficients are caused by improper heat exchangers designs. In this work, is performed an experimental analysis that consist in supplie heat to a pot containing sugarcane juice using a hot plate of constant electrical power. This study consist in identify boiling regimes and estimate the heat transfer coefficients linked to natural convection boiling, measuring: (i) the temperature at the bottom of the pot (ii) the temperature at the bottom level of sugarcane juice (iii) the temperature at middle level of sugarcane juice (iv) the temperature at free surface of sugarcane juice (v) rate of water evaporated. The method of linear regression and the correlation of Rohsenow were used for obtaining the values of the heat transfer coefficients ranging from 4088.6 W/m2°C to 12592.8 W/m2°C with power input ranging from 700W to 1300W

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