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This research aims to investigate the PANELA, little known product, but a source of minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, very important elements for the preservation of the normal physiology of living organisms. Objective: To analyze the calcium, potassium and iron content of a product made with panela, its level of acceptance, and the knowledge of panela. Material and Methods: This was an exploratory, descriptive and cross-sectional study performed on a sample of 120 students in courses of Medical Sciences at FASTA University in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires province. For this study, we prepared panela from molasses to make panela candy. These were subjected to laboratory determination and later, degustation by the students was performed to assess the level of acceptance and record the students’ knowledge of the product. Results: Through laboratory analysis, we could successfully determine the significant mineral content of a product made with panela. In 100 gr of the product, we registered 500 mg of potassium, 380 mg of calcium and 3 mg of iron. As regards the level of information of the participants, only 40% of those who claimed to know panela have successfully recognized its benefits. With relation to the general acceptance of the product, 66% of the population indicated they liked it, while 30% found that they liked it very much. Conclusions: We can affirm that panela itself or its derived products, may represent a solution to problems affecting global health, whenever consumed responsibly, avoiding excessive use, considering its high caloric density, but significantly differing from refined white sugar for its high contribution in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids

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