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Producción de cubos saborizados de panela y su incidencia en los ingresos económicos en el centro de acopio Tarqui de la Asociación de Cañicultores de Pastaza (ASOCAP)

In the research production of flavored cubes of brown sugar and its impact on the income of ASOCAP was studied, with the study factors: Factor A stabilizer (gelatin 10% and 30 %) and Factor B essential oils (mint 6%, cinnamon and orange 6% 10%). The application of sensory analysis with a 5-point hedonic scale, allowed us to establish the best treatment combination of 10% stabilizer and cinnamon essential oil at 6%. A microbiological analysis carried out for 3 months, indicating the absence of growth of molds and yeasts. Panela granulated production in 2010 by ASOCAP and APALA TM was 162, a figure that currently have a distinct market, therefore the incidence of production of panela flavored cubes reflected through economic analysis shows an increase of the production of granulated sugar in TM 41.4 for the production of cubes, with consequent increased sugarcane, creating employment, and income estimated at U.S. $ 13,271.04 per year for ASOCAP

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