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Estandarización de los procesos mediante la aplicación del Modelo Toyota a la producción de panela “La Reina”

In this research the production system of the panela milling "La Reina" in order to establish or suggest possible improvements that can be made in this, proposing Lean Manufacturing tools that allow to decrease and in the best of cases studied eliminate waste found. The first thing we did was learn the process of making panela milling "La Reina", after this, we identify the waste associated with the production, discovering its bottlenecks (mill and boilers), which allowed us to propose a number Lean manufacturing techniques such as 5S, SMED, TPM, Six Sigma and Kanban which we believe can improve productivity and profitability for the product should have the best quality, timely delivery and the best conditions for excellent customer satisfaction. To achieve these factors was necessary to determine the use of production tools that enabled the calculation of production efficiency and establish whether they are competitive or not, besides resorting to the technical standards of quality in the production and marketing of Panela for Human Consumption and be able to identify whether the panela produced at this location are suitable for human consumption but also meet the quality standards required. The idea of this project is to propose techniques for finding significant improvements in sugarcane production, it is necessary to attack certain shortcomings and implement tools both in its production systems and the structure of the organization itself, and control in production, because at present disorganization present in this field, making it difficult to determine how profitable it is for them to produce panela. Initially aids for generating waste is to be noted that the first tool to be used as 5S help maintain order for the implementation of other tools.

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