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Diseño de un modelo de consorcio de exportadores de panela orgánica en polvo, desde la Parroquia de Pacto Provincia de Pichincha hacia el mercado europeo

The present investigation has as principal objective to design a consortium model of organic brown sugar powder, from Pacto Parish in Pichincha Province to European markets. This consortium is integrated for The Association Members of Sugarcane Industry; the first chapter has the historical review of sugarcane and panela, origin, qualities, way to grow and, the process of elaboration of organic brown sugar powder; the second chapter is analyzed the legal basis to forming the consortium, advantages and disadvantages of the consortium, steps to establish the creation of export consortium; the third chapter describes the market research, where it was analyzed exports and imports towards European market, the potential business clients which we try to negotiate. The projections of the supply and demand were determined. Besides Surveys were elaborated to panela producers and international interviews with two potential buyers in the Italian market; the investigation was made about national and international trends. The proposal for the creation of export consortium, was raised the steps gave by ONUDI about the constitution of consortiums and also performed the marketing mix; the fourth chapter analyses the different trade agreements which Ecuador, and they will be beneficial for the export of organic brown sugar powder as well as the procedures and requirements necessaries for export; in the fifth chapter was made the logistical process that the product must meet in order to enter to the Italian market, of the negotiation and payment is established

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