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Diagnóstico empresarial y propuesta de tendencia administrativa aplicable a la Asociación de Productores de Panela del Caquetá ASOPANELA

The association of sugarcane department of Caquetá "Asopanela" is an entity that works with partnerships in the organization of farmers engaged in cultivation of sugarcane in the region, seeking to develop it; therefore its address must be like any company, because its performance is altered by the administration forms that develop leaders. So we got to approach it gives the present work "DIAGNOSIS AND CORPORATE TREND FOR ADMINISTRATIVE MOTION TO APPLY GROWERS ASSOCIATION PANELA Asopanela Caquetá, developing a business diagnosis and proposing a flexible management trend that can be implemented for continuous improvement. Knowing in advance that the Megatrend applied to the administrative part of Asopanela is empowerment and the strategies implemented by the organization correspond to those laid down COMPETITIVE theories developed by MICHAEL PORTER DIAMOND development of the organization according to the Neo-paradigm has appeared in organizations in recent years and is not considered necessary to change the model

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